»12.04.2017 – Food magazine “Process Technology” Article about RONO«

From the supplier to the manufacturer of scraped surface heat exchangers and more …

he company RONO from Luebeck, among other things, offers high pressure heat exchanger for the food industry – and this is very successful. We talked with the two managing directors Carlos Romero and Stefan Nolte about the development of the company and the product range.Produktspektrum.

Mr. Romero, the company RONO has been on the market for more than ten years. Can you briefly say some few words to the company?

RONO was founded in Luebeck by Stefan Nolte and me in April 2005 – we were both employed at the company Schroeder. As a result of the restructuring and the spin-off of the GerstenbergSchroeder production in Luebeck, our plan was to use the new company RONO to manufacture all machines, spare parts and process systems as a sub-supplier exclusively for GerstenbergSchröder and later SPX. This cooperation was terminated in 2013.

And how is the company today?

With 80 employees, we are now on the market as a worldwide supplier of process equipment for the food industry. Proven technology and constant innovation is our mission. RONO manufactures individually, quickly, flexibly and always according to the latest technique, state of the art. Quality is our duty and we always act customer-oriented and open to support. In the course of the new market positioning, the office and factory building was rebuilt at the Selmsdorf site. We are now proud about our state-of-the-art production facility with more than 3200 m². This professionally integrates all tasks from acceptance of goods, quality control, warehousing and supply, individual production, assembly, acceptance and the final test on the machine by the experienced RONO team. Our export share today is about 75%

Mr. Nolte, can you please briefly outline your product range?

Our product portfolio includes high-pressure scraped surface heat exchangers, pin mixers, continuous emulsification systems, process controls, high-pressure piston pumps and batch systems. Our products are used in the food industry for the application of margarine and edible fats, wafer cream and bakery products, mayonnaise, ketchup and sauce, dairy products and more.


You also offer skid-mounted process lines?

Yes, these skid-mounted process lines – also known as container plants – are an important business area for us. All process components (conveying pump, pasteurizer, heat exchanger, pin mixer, etc.) are mounted on a walk-through stainless steel frame. This includes the complete piping of the individual components and the wiring to the MCC and process control. This pre-assembled process line is tested and delivered to the customer in a container. Particularly this is useful in countries with limited availability of professional staff.

What is your flagship among your portfolio?

This is our high-pressure scraped surface heat exchanger < RONOTHOR >, our own developed brand which we have been offering since 2013 for the food industry. With this SSHE we bring our experience from more than 25 years of mechanical engineering and the know-how about all the individual production steps of a SSHE up to the final assembly and test run.
Within just three years, we delivered more than 40 scraping heat exchangers, pin worker units and process components worldwide. In addition, we were able to double the sales of spare parts and repair orders annually. The RONOTHOR is used for heating and cooling of high viscous products, mainly for the production of margarine and edible fats. By continuous development based on the operational experience of well-known producers, customers are always up-to-date with the latest technology. A few weeks ago, we were able to hand over a complex and state-of-the-art pilot plant to the customer’s test facility. This pilot plant was designed for a large product portfolio of edible fats.

Secure and optimize processes

RONO also offers the maintenance of the production equipment in order to secure customers production. For this purpose, 5 service technicians are available around the clock to repair and maintain the machines and systems on site at the customer’s premises. This also includes the provision of the necessary spare parts, which are delivered from stock or production, always tested technique and in the shortest possible time. Another service is the process optimization according to customer-specific demands for raw materials, available energies, the desired end product, daily output and production intervals, as well as the type of packaging. The costs for possible upgrades and renewals are usually amortized in a short time, as the customer can produce significantly more efficiently after optimizing his continuous process plant.

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