Scraped surface heat exchanger | Type RT

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Ronothor RONO


Scraped surface heat exchanger | Type RT

The high pressure heat exchanger RONOTHOR RT can be used for heating or cooling of high-viscous products.
The RONOTHOR RT is mainly used for the pasteurization and crystallization of spreads such as margarine, shortening or other edible fats where the RONOTHOR shows excellent results.
The RONOTHOR is based on proven technique combined with continuous development based on the operational experience of well-known producers.

Therefore, the RONOTHOR design is always state of the art. Your demand on the final product, temperature profile and the desired capacity determines the necessary heat exchange surface and thus the size and number of tubes.
The conception of the RONOTHOR is modular and very flexible. Up to six heating or cooling units can be mounted in one common frame. Each unit is equipped with an independent refrigeration system and variable gear.

Types & Variations
Cylinder sizes

Ø 180 mm, 250 mm | Length 800 mm, 1400 mm, 2000 mm

Modular design

The cylinder units are build as single unit, twins or quads, always with hermetical cover. An extension up to six units is possible at any time. This also includes the installation of our various pin worker units.

Heating/Cooling Media

Freon, ammonia, glycol, cooling water, hot water, steam

Scraper system

According to diameter and product we provide 2 to 6 scraper rows. Different forms, types and material of scraper are available to ensure the best mechanical treatment.

Working pressure range

75 bar, 120 bar


  • Proven technique and continuous innovations
  • Solid design – modular and flexible
  • Cost-saving by optimum energy efficiency
  • Tailor made equipment
  • Made in Germany

  • Standard gearbox
  • Electronic level control
  • Hygienic design
  • Service friendly
  • Cooling cylinder with special coating available


Max. working pressure, product side 120 bar
Application Margarine, Butter, Shortening and Edible Fats
Gear SEW Type FAF
Motor Power up to 75 KW – IE3
Rotorspeed RPM 235 1/min, 50 Hz
Rotor 4 rows, 11 mm gap / further types on demand
Rotor bearing outside for front and rear
Scraper System floating, tangential to cylinder surface
Cylinder Mild steel – chromium plated / stainless steel
Ø Rotorshaft drive end 90 mm
Sealing-drive end (SSIC) SMS (Shaft-Mounted-Seal)
Sealing-front end (SSIC) SMS (Shaft-Mounted-Seal)
Cooling control system NH3 (R 717) ICM (suction) and ICF/ICM (injection)
Cooling control system Freon (R 507) ICM (suction) and ICF/ICM (injection)
Max.working pressure cooling side NH3 (R 717) 20 bar
Max.working pressure cooling side Freon (R 507) 22 bar
Material evaporator Mild steel / stainless steel as option
Product pipes DN 50, heatable
Water temperation unit electrical or steam heating
Motor with fan (prepared for frequency regulation) last Motor
Electrical system – pre wired BUS-System

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