»December 2019 – MULTIFUNCTIONAL PILOTPLANTS – more important than ever«

Based on the specific food products requests our customers the RONO team of technicians, process engineers and food technologists has developed a very complex and versatile usable continuous pilot plant.

Due to the modular system, all machines, aggregates and control components can be combined to a process that exactly matches the production process of the industrial lines at customers fabrication.

By simply upscaling the process parameters from the test series to the production facility, all tried and tested product developments can be immediately transferred to the industrial production in the same quality.

As a result, considerable cost savings can be achieved and thus secure a significant market advantage for the customer. A tailor-made pilot plant is more important than ever!

User-friendly process control via touchscreen
Installation and start-up at customers side
Successful product test of a new margarine spread recipe

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